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2014 / Curiosity
« on: Nov 02, 2014, 08:14PM »
August 31, 2001

Ah... you know, now that he knew... generally where Furia would be, Sahura kind of wondered if Inet - Tia - remembered her at all. Actually, he wondered what she remembered in general. And of course, he wouldn't really have an answer for that if he didn't ask. And Sahura was more interested in getting an answer - it... probably wouldn't really hurt to fill her in as it was, if she honestly didn't remember much.

So, settling down here, across from Tia. "Out of curiosity," he started, "what all do you remember? Think it's probably time I asked that." Probably.

2014 / Life is Good When You're Drunk
« on: Oct 26, 2014, 12:28AM »
August 29, 2001

So they'd gone on a few dates now. All of which were pretty nice and ended well, and she was a nice lady, actually, as it turned out. Somehow, Sahura was oddly surprised by this, go figure that one. Not to say he was surprised - he had this neat habit of getting tangled up with evil demonnesses. ... except Mariam. ... but she was dead.

Well, technically, so was he.

Speaking of, Arisu actually kind of reminded him of her. Odd. Anyway, he had no idea what she actually wanted, and it was bothering him, so being as he was drunk as shit and had no filter at the moment, looking for her, yes. Oh, there. And flopping down, resting his head on her shoulder.

"So whatchu actually wan'from me cause... I can'figure it out." No, and maybe... that was a little sad.

2014 / So You Should Go That Way
« on: Oct 14, 2014, 01:49PM »
August 24, 2001

So, yes, for the record, he'd noticed. Not sure if anyone else had, but, Sahura certainly had. The issue was just figuring out what to do with the knowledge. That was a tough one. So, ah... hmm. You know what, maybe he should just not... deal with it this time. Maybe... well, that was pretty damned optimistic. But then he'd been alive, apparently, for like, at least three years, and not really done anything.

Hmm. So, that was how he ended up toddling over here. And snagging Seiran on the way. "Come along, Pond," awfully cheerful. And meandering over here... and there was Tahsin. Okay. "You two, you want to go to the Living World. Akaishi Mountains, somewhere around Mount Kita, don't panic, the scaly thing probably isn't going to hurt you. ... probably. Give her a second, she'll figure it out." Yeah.

"So, have fun," and Sahura buzzed that way.
Ah... and Tahsin blinked like, what...? And a glance at Seiran like... did you get that? He heard it, but that didn't mean it made any damned sense...

2014 / Untitled
« on: Oct 05, 2014, 02:17AM »
Ooooooh woooooooow blazing fucking eyeballs that hurt. Not to imply he was surprised, as actually, he was far from it. Still, this was a little annoying. He'd drunk way too much vodka last night, and, uh, well, he had no one to blame but himself for that. He'd thought, of course, that he'd regret that in the morning (and oh fuck, did he ever), but, of course he wasn't listening to the reasoning side of his mind.

He should have. Definitely, definitely should have. Well, oh well. Too late now. Lesson learned; except, probably not.

One eye peeked open. ... that was about when he noticed the other person, over there beside him. Kind of did a double-take. Wait, come to think, where in the hell was he... hmm, not - Seireitei, somewhere. Hell if he could pin... hmm. Where, exactly, he actually wasn't entirely sure.

Something with an A. ... she was in his division, he knew that. Just, couldn't quite pin down her name. To be fair, he was hungover as hell. Not that anyone should be fair with him right now. "... fuck." Yeah, that summed it up. Ow.

2014 / Ah, Fuck This
« on: Jul 27, 2014, 05:41PM »
So, Tahsin.... yeah, Tahsin wasn't doing all that great. And for all that Suyis didn't... really want to deal with this, Tahsin was his grandson. And now that he realised why exactly that signature was eerily familiar, he was following it. All the way the hell out here, apparently.

Hmm. Kind of wondered what the heck he was all the way out here for. But then, that wasn't really any of his business, either, so he'd probably not ask. Fff.

And he had no idea what to say anyway. Well, he'd probably do what he did best and just out with it. Your son's going nuts and he's got no one else, he could really use you. And, maybe, having someone around that ah, presumably did actually give a shit about him, it might respark the will to live. Maybe.

Hopefully, because if not, fuck, Suyis had nothing else.

Ah... over here. Hmm. ... that one. Yeah. Looked a lot like Mehtaji. And then really didn't, at the same time. Actually, more like Jiva, in some ways. Awkward. Ffffffffff okay. Toddling over that way, stopping over here. Kind of eyeing him like hey... commere...

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