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Pham Thanh / Tiao, Julian
« on: Jan 08, 2018, 09:10AM »
Don't let the bookworm streak fool you; Julian is not all that nerdy. Actually, he merely gives more than a few shits how well he does in his classes, mostly because how well he does in school does have a large effect on which pathways and choices are open to him later in life. He has a real interest in going somewhere with his life, albeit he's not entirely sure where that might be. He is very concerned with succeeding, so having as many options as he can get available open to him is important. He's not entirely sure what, exactly, it is that he wants, just that whatever he does end up wanting, he wants to be sure is possible, whether he becomes a banker or an engineer.

He has sound moral values, and he knows how to get things done. Usually rather weirdly for some, he has a genuine loving and caring side. He is a kill them with kindness sort, but, keep in mind, it may not always be as kindly as it seems to be. Sometimes, he's merely being kind to you, because he does not want to appear to be a person of less than savoury character. If he messes with someone else, it is very subtly, the sort of messing that seems to be more of an accident than a deliberate sabotaging. Fortunately, he rarely has reasons to mess someone else up, and while his kindness may be less of a genuine kindness and more of a keeping up appearances, or to get something he wants, he isn't all around an unpleasant person. Rather the opposite, many find him to be quite charismatic and enjoyable to be around. Julian's a rather open person, at least outwardly, and he'll engage in long, seemingly meaningful conversations with others, even if he isn't terribly interested in said long, seemingly meaningful conversations.

Julian can be rather forgiving, but by no means is he gullible. He can see right through it when someone is trying to con him, eventually - sometimes it takes him a while to figure it out, but sooner or later, he will. Julian has a refined sense of aesthetics, and a favouring of the luxurious. He is a loyal and supportive friend, and his friends never have to question whether he's really their friend or not, as he is always there for them. He does have a genuine capability to be truly compassionate, and he's entirely willing to openly discuss things. Julian may also occasionally make sacrifices for his friends, if it's needed, but it depends on what it is and which friend. He's well aware some aren't as attached to him as he may be to them.

The connections he has with people, the charm he displays to others, makes him quite popular. Julian is oddly domestic, and his school life is very organised. Although he has a need and desire to be successful, he does know when to close the doors and come home. He is friendly and approachable with others partly because he does know that how he treats others will affect how his life goes in future. Someday, that annoying twat may be his boss, or a work partner, and it is best to give a good first impression, build a solid camaraderie, than to spoil it all by being a dickbag.

Julian will be almost anyone's friend. Or at least, friendly to them. He has a very high tolerance of a lot of things most people don't, so if you've got a difficult character that needs a friend with a lot of patience, this is your guy. He never raises his voice, gets angry, and he'll let a lot of things slide, so, this is the guy that'll make friends with pretty much anyone. Just, be aware, if you truly screw him over, you're basically finished.

He may actually be somewhat avoiding anyone dead, because he's on the ah. Wrong side of the life-death binary, and has been for about a year now.

I'm sure some people don't like him, but really, he has no time for them.

Julian is not really romantically interested in anyone besides Kaden. He flipped death off because he died before his boyfriend, so... yeah, good luck. He's really nice and cute I suppose, though, so maybe there's some unrequited love somewhere. You can totally use him for one-sided love that goes nowhere if you need a dude for that.

Current Residence: Sollebrunn, Canada
Alliance(s): None

Daemon Name: Taiyang Guang (sunshine)
Daemon Appearance: It will, eventually, be a small teardrop shaped amber pendant, with gold metal wrapped around it.

Release Description: Who the frick knows because it's not manifested yet.
Julian Tiao17 | Astral | Han ChineseAllll byyyy hiiiiis seeeeeellf~~

2014 / Well This Sucks
« on: Jul 06, 2014, 06:26PM »
[November 27 if it erases itself.]

At the moment, not doing anything. Sitting and thinking, for the most part. She hadn't really done anything since waking up; partially because of the major migraine, and partially because... well, frankly, she had no idea how to deal with this. Usually, Ontana had the least amount of trouble after waking up. She went along like nothing had happened right there, nothing had changed, that everything had always been this way.

Maybe it was just the universe being in knots. Seemed like she was the one spluttering over this instead of Nysen for once. Miracle, that. Almost. Not entirely. Not really a good thing, in the long run. They certainly couldn't have more than one of them going what the hell.

Mm. Curling up, watching the sunrise from a rooftop. That was more interesting than dealing with this. Eventually she should, but, really didn't care enough right now.

2014 / Hay You!
« on: May 16, 2014, 11:15PM »
Bouncing over this way, because work was over, annnd if she was remembering right he didn't have patrols today - ... didn't think so at least. Might be wrong. And... aaaaand they were gonna go... do something. Almost anything. Long as it had nothing to do with work and papers and writing. Oi, writing. Well she was a Vasi, it kind of made sense that writing was a pain in the ass to her, but seriously, her fingers were not made to do that. What the hell?

Ah, poking in over here and flouncing over behind him and hugging him, covering his eyes at the same time. "Guess whoooo~. Hi!" ... yes, hi. "Do you habs patrolsies cause iffif if if no, then Imma drag you off for... foooooor... because I can." Yeah. Still not entirely sure what to do but uhh figure that out later. Like with everything, Shey was winging it. ... goooo figure. Not that this was in any way shape or form surprising. It was not.

"I'm booooored. And I have munnies and why not." Yep. Pretty much.

2013 / What's Ya Dooin?
« on: Oct 04, 2013, 02:10AM »
October 4

So, it was probably some sorta strange that she'd decided to just flop down right here on the roof that she knew was his. But hey, she was bored, work hours had just ended for most individuals, and he didn't have night patrols, and neither did she...

So why not? Besides, playing in the leaves was fun. Or, well, she thought it was, but it did in fact occur to her that he might not think the same. Well that was okay. Actually, she thought he just needed to loosen up a little that was all. And hey, Shey's middle name was loose. Loose and carefree. Sheyanth loose and carefree Duskrain. Yes.

And that was how the Seventh Division got a Shey with her head hanging off the edge of the roof up there on an apartment building. Hehehe. Well he'd come home eventually right? Not sure when, but, hey we had all night.

2013 / This Was Not In My Contract
« on: Sep 30, 2013, 07:30PM »
September 28

Okay, so things had exploded and yeah... that was... probably a result of that war thing going on. Hmm. In any case, a few of the Vasi still had not quite integrated all the way, so Vreyinth was going to go introduce one, a friend of hers, to tea. Because tea was great.

And that was how we'd ended up basically dragging a very unwilling red haired Vasi down the roads toward one of the tea shops. Because she really didn't want to go.

"Come on, cultural stuff, it's awesome!"
"Nope, I don't do cultural stuff or mingling or whatever else just no just - lemme go!"
"Nope. You're smaller than me, don't make me play potato sack."
"... what's a potato?"
"Yeah see, exactly. You have no idea." Snort. "Learning experiences are good things sometimes."
Eye roll.

And sitting her down right here. "Stay. I'll be right back, we'll not dive into surviving heavily populated areas just yet."
"Fff, fine."
"You'll survive a few minutes by yourself." Seriously.

Okay... well, whatever. Flopping over onto her back on this bench then and just... kinda playing with a ball of energy. Ffff. Waiting was boring.

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