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Pham Thanh / Blackstar, Sidonai
« on: Dec 09, 2017, 05:49AM »
There is a meticulous, often delicate, balance in Sidonai; on the surface, he is calm and tends to go with the flow. Rarely does his ire spark, but he is still an imperfect being and yet he accepts this fact. In his younger years, he may have been rather the spit-fire, but these days, he is more of a placid stream, constantly moving but doing so at a steady, even pace. His mind is sharp, and his tongue can be just as much, should he decide to use it. Rarely does he do so, as rarely does he have need to. Much of what he decides he wants, he can readily get through other means, as he's rather skilled at the art of diplomacy. Sometimes, this borders on manipulative coercion, but, sometimes things need to be done the dirty way, and Sidonai's never been above it when placed in situations wherein they do.

Quite easily, he could become an antagonist. Simply, Sidonai's well-meaning, and his intentions are typically good - perhaps not what we'd call pure, but certainly good. He has little time for child's play, but when pushed, he can be quite the adversary to attempt such ploy with. Where others might crumble under pressure, Sidonai remains consistently upright, and very little manages to dampen his pride. He may not have been raised in an environment to become a leader, but he certainly grew into it. Most often, Sidonai just does what he thinks is right, and others either follow him, or don't. He's always believed firmly in leading by example, thereby he never does anything he wouldn't be alright with others doing. While he may seem to have it all together, internally may be a slightly different story. It takes a lot to get under his skin, but things that do, tend to burrow rather deeply, and he's been known to have a bit of wanderlust.

Mostly, Sidonai is a learner. He knows he can't possibly know everything there is to know, but he does try to, rather earnestly. His mind's constantly moving, and sometimes his body follows, but usually giving him something to read, or something interesting to study, pull apart, and put back together, is enough to keep him physically still, at least. It's this inclination towards learning and experimenting that make him rather dangerous. Sidonai's very skilled in matters of observation and figuring out what makes something, or someone, tick. It's a pastime, what can he say? Given long enough in presence of someone, he can usually figure out how to really mess with them, at the absolute base-line - at the most, he can tap-dance little rhetorical circles all around their ego, and spend a few hours gaslighting until they catch themselves on fire. It is difficult to keep secrets from him, as, if there is a trail to find, eventually, he will find it, and he will find the truth at the end of it. He places high value on those that would be honest with him, even if this honesty perhaps isn't exactly cordial. Sidonai doesn't care much about who is in which fancy chair, nor whether social courtesies are consistently followed - as long as you are not a complete idiot, he's listening, no matter how you say it. Admittedly, he does have a much easier time listening to someone when what they say is at least worded not to sound terribly like a personal attack, but neither does he take those as personally as they sound like they are - even if they are. Sidonai takes all criticisms, and he will consider them, at the very least, because on the off-chance someone like that is right, he wants to know.

In all things, Sidonai believes that, he always has room for improvement, and is focused a good deal on self-improvement and becoming a better him. He does not always make the right choices, and while he accepts this and also accepts he can't expect himself to, he spends a good deal of time drawing on similar past experiences, and what he's seen others go through, in order to extrapolate and apply what he learns to his everyday life. There are too many people whose lives and livelihoods are in his hands for him not to. Unlike many leaders, Sidonai does not separate himself from his people, and does not believe himself to be above them. Instead, he seems to consider himself their humble servant, and does the best he can for them where he can. Sidonai's also known to wander the streets and interact with the commoners of the light court on a regular basis, and personally sees to the welfare of labourers and servants. He runs several programmes that aim to assist in rebuilding wartorn areas and those villages hit by the Azure Eagles (who are getting on his last nerve, and he has many nerves), and Zallahta actually has the smallest percentage of impoverished in Asgard, if you don't consider Valhalla.

Sidonai is very down-to-earth, but he has a sense of humour. Because he doesn't consider himself above anyone, he's often very open and highly approachable, and will generally interact with others as a person before he interacts as a leader - occasionally barring other leaders, but even them, after a solid camaraderie has been established. Sidonai wants to rise and fall by his own merit, and first and foremost, he will not change or mask who he is to become society's idea of a good leader; instead, he aims to change and shape society's concept of a good leader, because leaders are human, and sometimes people need to be reminded that they are not gods, either in the good, or the bad, sense.

Quite truthfully, he has friends everywhere, I'm sure. He is not above talking to anyone, and he does move with the Linaesin and fights alongside them against the Azure Eagles, because he began as Linaesin, and he will goddamn die as Linaesin. In any case, coming across him certainly isn't difficult, as he is a frequent sight in Valhalla, and the Dark and Chaos Courts and... well, probably all of Asgard, really, because he interacts with the other nation leaders and even wingleaders, too.

The only real concept of an enemy he has is anyone that threatens Zallahta. Lookin' at you, Eagles.

Lol. Come at me.
(He's bi, think he's demi, not looking currently, good luck.)
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