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Whispers / Arceus' Quick and Dirty Smut Guide
« on: Nov 01, 2017, 10:18PM »
Arceus' Quick and Dirty Smut Guide

For a lot of people, smut threads are the bane of RP. They're boring, repetitive, and there's really no point in playing them out because they're really just the same thing over and over; and why would we play out something that boring, right? This has always kind of baffled me, because yes, it can be very boring and very repetitive, but there's a lot of really wasted potential in many cases, when the players choose to fade to black instead of exploring. I won't say it's there with every thread, but sex and intimacy are important parts of our lives, and it stands to reason it's about the same for our characters, too.

The goal of this document is to go over smut threading in general, gain a basic understanding of how to handle one, take a look at some good examples of smut threading and why they're good, and then go into some of the aspects of it that aren't really obvious exploration options, things you can think about and consider along the way, throw in, play with, to develop your character along the way.

Disclaimer // Obviously, most of this is my own opinion, and what is good to me may not necessarily be good to you, or your cousin, or your partner. So, take it with a little grain of salt. Analyse some other smut threads, see why it's good to you or not, and think about how you can incorporate it into your own writing.

Why Bother?

First, let's have a look at why. Why does it even matter, why should anyone even bother trying to smut in the first place? It's all just wishy-washy fantasy, and if anyone finds smutting over the internet enjoyable, aren't they just kind of like, screwy? It's a weird way to get your kicks and all that, right?

Sure, maybe it is a little weird. But it's also not strange, and there's nothing to be ashamed of in enjoying smut threads. Most commonly, though, people smut because it furthers plot, or it's supposed to - I will concede to the fact a lot of people really don't seem to smut for that reason, and it's not uncommon to run across someone that does it just... for the sake of it. It really depends on the plot, and what to you is plot in the first place, but I generally see it as a character development tool.

As mentioned above in the introduction, sex is... well it's a pretty important part of a lot of people's experience of the world. From the moment we hit puberty onward, it's kind of that thing that nobody really wants to talk about, but most of everybody wants, to some extent. How we view others of the attractive sex and interact with them is influenced by our first crushes, our first ventures into dating and the elusive and undeniably attractive realm of dating and such, our first time.

I've always been a firm believer in the idea that pop culture and today's society has cracked sex and whatnot up to a very... well, ridiculous level. It's not all it's cracked up to be, and I will be the first one to admit that, but there are very unique experiences to be had in sexual relations all the same. And it may not even be sex we're talking about here, but rather intimacy in general, which is a very important, driving factor in our relations with others. Not having it, or having too much of it, can have really interesting and occasionally quite adverse effects on people. When the walls come down between one person and another, a lot of things tend to come out and make themselves obvious; these aren't things that happen in day to day interactions, but things that are much deeper and far more interesting and occasionally, far more crucial a piece of the puzzle that is a character, particularly so in the case of those that have lived through some form of sexual abuse (but keep in mind, it doesn't have to be outright rape to make an impact).

Intimacy is about being emotionally close to another person, about being able to let your guard down, and let them know how you really feel. It's the unspoken bond that connects people, a sharing of humanity, connecting beyond the physical, cognitive, and emotional. It requires respect, trust, and provides a safe place away from the world. In saying that, it becomes quite obvious why intimacy can make or break a person, and can have quite an impact on someone and how they interact and view other people. Most people think of intimacy as only sexual, but there are ways of being intimate without ever even being closer than a few feet of one another.

This brings us, in a big sense, to my next point.

What is Sex.

So now we know what intimacy is, let's define sex itself. A lot of the experience of mature threading is internal, and it takes many, many different forms. For some characters, it is a driving, powerful urge or even need to feel close to someone else. Some experience it hurried, a rush of passion and desire and need. Others experience it slower, more deliberate, a smouldering flame that burns in no hurry at all. Some just think it's fun; even in RP, there are those that approach and treat physical closeness and sexual interaction very casually, and never take it too seriously. Even others are very intimidated by it, and sometimes people just aren't ready for that extra step (which is entirely okay).

Sex is a very broad thing. Any interaction between two or more people with the intent of sexual pleasure or arousal, it is quite a large umbrella. It is not just penetration; even something as small as kissing someone's neck, or a certain way of making fingers touch, and it can, but does not have to, include the whole Slot A into Tab B business. This is awkward a definition and is stupidly loose, but part of making it interesting is the broadness, hence why I tend to refer to it under the collective term of "intimacy" rather than the more base sex.

In writing, the lines between intimacy and sex are blurred very easily, because unlike in the pretty perfectly choreographed sex scenes in movies and television shows, writing is exceedingly dependent on internal monologue, reflection, and thought, in a way that film never will be due to the inability to focus on it without being really... uh, well. Writing, by nature, depends on feelings, thought processes, and reflection, on experience within the character themselves, the things that some of us are not even aware flits through us. The experience of physical closeness with another person has a very interesting effect on the mind. While it's generally inferred that one's mind goes blank, that's not entirely true - the mind never stops, it just happens that we're not necessarily always listening to, or absorbing, whatever it's saying. It can still lead to unconscious reaction (and in a way it's more likely to, as sex is rather base-instinct-y, and I think that's a large part of why some really interesting and occasionally unexpected things will crop up amid it), unconscious insecurity, fear, and discomfort, characters that are body-shy and weren't aware of it before will almost certainly discover it about when their lover pulls their shirt off...

I actually described it once as a "mostly silent internal collision of emotions, insecurities, emotional bonding, unrealised desires, of self-discovery and also learning more about your partner(s)" and it was quite accurate.

What Makes Smut Good?

This is, as I mentioned above in the disclaimer, really subjective. But much like sex itself in the real world, smutting in RP is very internal an experience, and I, personally, have always thought that, exploring the character's feelings, thoughts, and internal reactions and interests, exploring their exploring, have made some of the most beautiful smut threads in existence. Most of the threads that I personally really enjoy have a lot of thought, of back-history, of the character's internal reflections on the goings-on, their feelings on it, how it changes things to them, with some added bonus of them exploring and finding the little things that their partner enjoys or does not.

Smut is a short back and forth. A little thing attempted here, the other person reacts and adds another little thing, like a game of ping pong, in a way. Post length is not really an important factor, but if you really get into the character's head and explore what's going on in there, you can rack up quite a word count, but don't be afraid to post short, either.

Some parts of the thread will be slower, while others have a certain sort of time lapse, and that's normal. There's a whole other ballpark to go frolic in about how foreplay is not really sex, but in writing it at least, that's really where all the fun stuff happens, and don't be afraid to savour that, play it up for all it's worth. Be adventurous, go for the throat, claw, nibble, switch positions up, tangle fingers in soft locks, mess around with scent and caresses and trails of kisses and nips and licks. It's fun. ... really.

Unless there are hiccups or complications, the actual penetration part is really not that important - that right there is the boring repetitive part, and it's fine to slur right over that in a small handful of posts, like maybe 6 if you're feeling generous. And then after that it gets really interesting again, when they're dealing with what just happened, either basking in the afterglow or... going holy crap that happened or... what have you.

Reciprocating, by the way, is not always doing the same thing back. You don't always have to kiss back, or caress too, or something. Sometimes, responding is a little hiss of enjoyment, an arching of your back, the curling of toes. Closing your eyes and enjoying the sensation, pressing yourself closer...
I'll also mention that, if you're the kind of player that gets really emotionally invested in your characters, you're the kind that'll cry when they're going through heartache, will react with tension when they're dealing with conflict, it is entirely okay and normal if smut makes you tingle a little. Nothing to be ashamed of. It's kind of like trying to make your RP partner laugh when you post something funny or make them sad when you post something heartbreaking. That little tingle is actually a good thing, because it means the writing's having an actual effect.

A Short Note On Realism

So like with anyone that's really into... well, experience, I'm all for addressing the fact that sometimes things are imperfect - and frankly, it's usually a lot more fun, if it's not. But there's a limitation there between keeping things real and imperfect, and being an ass about it. Pretty much everyone can agree with the idea that having perfect smut every time is pretty boring and it really doesn't add anything new to the character's development, and well, we've already established that the whole point of doing this is development. Hiccups and screw ups happen, but hiccups and screw ups for the sake of hiccups and screw ups are...

... actually really boring. Funny how that works out.

Imperfections that really impact the character, however, are the most amazing things in the world, and keep things really interesting and varied. Being conscious about a certain body part being touched and moving it away, or maybe doing it too hard or not hard enough, sometimes things hurt, the lube doesn't last forever either, and sometimes you take a break in the middle. Sometimes people talk incessantly, maybe because of nerves or maybe just because. Some people want all the closeness, others may need a little more distance, some people like the hand roaming, others don't... there are a lot of little things in there to explore, and it is actually rather fun and interesting to learn what your character likes, and what the other one likes, too. Sex is hard to talk about, even in the moment, and some characters will have trouble saying these things.

And these little things can help you get to know your characters in other situations, too. Don't be afraid to give them flaws and complications, likes and dislikes - that's where the realism is.

Things to Explore

So here's a little mishmash montage of things you can ask yourself, to better explore your character's feelings and ticks. The idea of these is that they have an actual impact on the interaction, and this is where the flexibility and possibilities come in, the change, the uniqueness. Keep in mind the character's history, past experiences and hardships, any encounters they may have had before that spoiled something for them.
What are they like in bed?
Aggressive? Active? Passive?
Shy or confident?
Body-conscious or no?
Any particular body parts they're fond of and enjoy touching or kissing?
Do they talk a lot, or get really quiet and intense?
Do they giggle? Laugh? Panic?
Are they quiet or louder about their pleasure?
If they make any noise, what noises do they usually make? Whines? Moans? Somewhere in between? Little breathy gasp-like sounds?
What are their special hot-spots, the places that make them turn into goo?
Anything that makes them close up?
What are their limits? What do they specifically enjoy?
Do they have physical limitations?
Are they more selfish lovers?
Do they have an easy time orgasming or is it difficult for them? How do they get there?
What does it sound like for them? (Dmitri, by the way, growls when he orgasms, whereas Suyis has a stunted gasping-moan noise he makes - these are actually really interesting, so have fun with that eh).
How do little gestures like brushing hair out of their face, cupping their cheek, make them feel? Do they like it or does it make them feel patronised?
Do they have any quirks? Things that make their skin crawl?
How about the environment? Maybe they need music in the background or the lights off?
What is the mood? Romantic? Rushed?
Is it dark or light in the room? Does that impact the character at all?
Is this a wild frenzy of passion or more deliberate and careful?
Is it make up sex? Or still almost fighting sex?
Is this the person's first time? Or the couple's?
Where are they? In bed? Outside? Shower? Desk...?
What is this coming out of? What triggered this whole thing? How do the characters feel about this as an occurrence right now?
Is this routine, or are they trying something new? Does this make them nervous? Are they excited about it?
How does this impact their relationship?
-- There are a loooot of situations that can be explored here, get creative and have fun with it.
Where does this lead to?
Does it have to end with them falling asleep? (usually not...)
Do they actually finish, or does something interrupt?
Do they take a break to talk? Change location? Maybe someone's phone rings in the middle?
Are they more in love afterwards? More bored? Fascinated?
... do they do that fun thing where they go for round two?
What are they feeling? Shame? Regret? Warm fuzzies?

Whew, I got wordy. Some of this I remember reading in a doc somewhere, Idk where, but here it is in my own words I guess. Lol

Seireitei Communication / Battle Suite 4.0 RC2 is Now Live
« on: Oct 28, 2017, 02:43AM »
I got lucky, and it worked the first time I coded it, so, we now have an automatic-ish HP calculator. Just input the right numbers and it'll do the maths for you. I do need to mention, if you're subtracting, the second number DOES need to be prefixed with a dash, because it is default set to add in the system.

The first field is a label for the HP thing, use names, it's easier, and then the second field is the starting HP, third field is what to add or subtract.

I also made it so that the post previews in threads when replying will grab and output roll results, HP calculations, and quest events and display them on the posting screen.

Development / Note Board Requests
« on: Oct 27, 2017, 09:34AM »
-boops- Board's up.

Seireitei Communication / Battle Suite 4.0 RC2 is Now Live
« on: Oct 24, 2017, 04:04AM »
Welp, took me all day, but I did manage to upgrade our copy of Battle Suite 4.0 RC1 to RC2.
- Restructured the skill rollers.
-- All you need to do is select first a user, then find the skill you want in the resulting list.
-- The + button will give you another skill use row.
-- It can handle quite a few rolls at once. Go me.
-- If, for some reason, the RNGesus really bloody hates you, you may manage to roll a skill use row ID that is the same as another one's and one will start overwriting the other - cuss a bit and reload it.
- Restructured the quest rollers. You won't notice anything different, honestly, it's all back-end.
- Re-enabled secondary skill effects.
- Enabled roll modifiers.
-- These are for damage multipliers, accuracy, critical rate, and effect rate.
-- They're labelled for your convenience, hover over them, otherwise leave them 0.
- Finally, FINALLY, the NPC skill roller..... is live. Holy crap that only took like two or three iterations of Suite 4 before I got it working.
-- NPC skill roller takes manual user input and plugs it into the system and pretends for a moment it's an actual skill.
-- NPC roller takes all modifiers except effect modifier because I don't currently have a way of giving NPC skills a secondary effect, orz.
-- Also you cannot roll two NPC skills that are named the same thing. Add numbers if you need to, because it builds the arrays based on NPC skill name, as they have no ID.
- Child skills will occasionally sacrifice pass on half their point awards to their parent.
-- This has a 50/50 chance of happening over here, but I can change it on the fly.


Seireitei Communication / Shit Gaiiiz...
« on: Oct 04, 2017, 05:12AM »
So, quick note, Suite 4 is in this board now. I had to do some fancypants swapperoo bullshit to make it easier on myself, but hey, we have Suite 4 now, and you'll see at the end of this post.

I don't think anyone has permission to do anything with it just yet, sorry, I'll get around to it eventually.
Um, but, quest rolling works, skill rolling works, I think it pulls all subaccounts' skills, not just yours, I need to test that, but I think so, um, auto-awards points, auto-calculates HP, critical modifiers should work, Idk, I haven't rolled one yet, um, rolls for secondary effects, and you can temporarily turn rolling off, so that way you can free-form. Still need to roll if you intend to use the skill roller at any point in the future, or may use it later, because it gives you your points so you're not behind.

Unfortunately I lost everyone's avatar when I moved it over, so... yeah everyone's avatar is gone. I am very sorry, it was a stupid mistake, but I still have them if you need them?

I will also be starting Embers' overhaul.
... after I wake up.
I am The Tired.
Like, seriously what the fuck.

Whispers / Suite Crap
« on: Sep 27, 2017, 01:38PM »
   View Skills
   Add Skill
   Edit Skill
   Edit All Skills
   Delete Skill
      Enable Suite
      Enable Typings
      Max Types
      Enable Skill System
      Enable Skill Leveling
      Enable User Leveling
      Enable Damage Rolls
      Enable Healing Rolls
      Type Tag Directory
      View Conditions
      Add Condition
      Edit Condition
      Delete Condition
      View Types
      Add Type
      Edit Type
      Delete Type

      Suite Intro Message
      Skill Intro Message
      New Skill Message
      Edit Skill Message
      Skill Name
      Type Name

      Enable Critical Damage
      Enable Critical Heals
      Enable Critical Effects
      Enable Critical EXP
      Enable S.T.A.B.
      Enable S.T.H.B.
      Enable Parenting

      Critical Damage Modifier
      Critical Healing Modifier
      Critical Effect Modifier
      Critical EXP Modifier
      Healing Modifier
      S.T.A.B. Modifier
      S.T.H.B. Modifier
      Parent Modifier
      Default Damage Range
      Default Skill Point Cap

   SKILL CATEGORIES | this one is the skill type so the roller knows what to roll for. Or not roll for, as case may be.
      View Categories
      Add Category
      Edit Category
      Delete Category

   SKILL CLASSES | this is for individual skill-based point caps.
      View Classes
      Add Class
      Edit Class
      Delete Class

   SKILL LEVELS | this one determines skill levels, accuracy rate, damage and healing ranges, and etc.
      View Levels
      Add Level
      Edit Level
      Delete Level
      skill id
      user id
      parent skill
      effect name 1
      effect rate 1
      effect duration 1
      Add in the skill roll results column for posts
      Then you need to make it load it in the $message array
      -- COMPLETELY UNEDITABLE, only for display reasons
      -- Also make it recognise the free-form toggle, may have to add in a free-form flag column in the database
   HP Setting
   User Typing
   Free-Form Setting | This one is the one that makes it permanently free-form.
   Free-Form Toggle | This one makes it temporarily free-form.
   Two things, just need it pulling all user skills from ALL accounts linked to the one the user is on.
   Second thing, then need it to handle modifiers.

Thing to think about: Auto-battler in THIS package, or will it come later? I Do Not Know. Auto-battler would be nice, but. The work.

Seireitei Communication / Updates -- 10/25
« on: Oct 31, 2016, 06:06AM »
The documentation rewrites are now complete!
-- Finally. The welcome centre has been changed to a redirect to the Wiki site, and the buttons on the navigation bar have also been changed to reflect this. I believe it is mostly complete, so I shouldn't need to add anything else. The faction pages on the Wiki also introduce the characters that are in the leadership slots; if you'd like your character's intro changed or added to, PM me.

Happy Halloween, and happy playing! Also belated Happy Birthday to Ian, whose birthday was yesterday! Haha. I'm going to bed now. Smh.

Seireitei Communication / Updates -- 10/25
« on: Oct 25, 2016, 09:30PM »
At present, Embers is still a little bit in limbo, but a lot of things across the site have been finalised.

The skill system's set up is mostly completed.
-- I may tweak it a little more here and there as we have more battles, but for the most part, I believe it is mostly sound. I have to run another test battle later and see, but admittedly, it is not really a priority.

The Faction threads in the factions boards are now completed.
-- Those that are not run by the staff are not posted yet, but you can now read about most of the factions on the site, and get a good idea of what is what. These pages may well end up in the site documentations, for new and interested members that wish to learn a bit about the factions before deciding where their character goes.

The cork-boards are now finished.
-- You can use this one as a test sandbox, to play with the pins and styles and fonts. The cork-boards are for inter-division communications, announcements, little shenans and notes to one another. Use it well. I do not promise passive-aggressive Post-It wars will not ensue. If you are a Captain, Lieutenant, or the original poster of a pin, you can delete it. Warning: The member ID of the account that posted the pin is stored in the database and can be traced back to you, so be careful what you pin. HTML coding also works in the pins.

Current Project: Documentation overhaul.
-- I will be rewriting the documentations, either in a wiki or on the site in the pages system. As our game is very AU and almost an original setting entirely, there's a lot to learn about us, and I want to rewrite the documentations to go more in-depth and be easier to read than they are in the welcome centre at the moment. I'll also have a map later. You can still probably get your foot in the door with the documentation we have, but you may have to ask questions.

Happy playing!

Azure Eagles / The Azure Eagles
« on: Oct 23, 2016, 04:24PM »
Part I: Welcome
"For centuries, the Azure Eagles have remained a powerful force in Asgard. We will remain so. Only through fire will the land be cleansed, and it so happens, we have fire-starters. If it is glory or honour you seek, you can find it here. Welcome home, young Eagles, and may your future endeavours remain bright, your blade remain steady and strike true, and the wind be always at your back."

Part II: Rules & Expectations
"As with all the Asgardiaan powers, or at least, the important ones, we run on a code of power. If you want a rank, and there's someone in it, kill him, and it's yours.
You should assist your fellow Eagles, but if you deem your brethren too weak to keep the Eagles strong, it is your right to refuse to do so. However, understand that it is also everyone else's right to refuse to help you.
We trade amongst one another. If you have a surplus, you are expected to share a portion with your brothers.
I look forward to the day one of you defeats me. Good luck."

Part III: History & Origins
The Azure Eagles are the first Asgard Power to have arisen from the original, the Azure Paladins. Founded by a pair of brothers, the Paladins sought to bring safety, economical activity, and livelihoods, to those living in Asgard that the governments could not be bothered with. At the time, the brothers agreed on how to go about this, but over the centuries, they ceased agreeing, and later broke the Paladins near clean in half. Each side went with a different brother, and one became the Eagles, and the other, the Crimson Snakes.

To this day, the two do not get along, and disagree on quite a few points. While reuniting them as one has been attempted many times since the 800s, when they were founded, this has never succeeded, nor really gotten very close to it. The Eagles and the Snakes are too different to reconcile these differences, and will remain, apparently, forever at odds with one another.

Eagles take pride in their swordsmanship skill; most Eagles focus almost entirely on swordsmanship skill, but some choose a different weapon style, or forego weapons entirely and focus on hand to hand.

Part IV: Rivalries & Alliances
"The Azure Eagles have had, and continue to have, tense relations with the other Asgardian Powers. While we don't typically war directly with the Jade Tigers, we are constantly at odds with the Crimson Snakes and have had some rough battles with the Ebony Lions. We consider none of them truly an enemy, however, and may be persuaded to befriend them, if there were something in it for us. Yet, neither do we really consider anyone an ally. We are a lone creature, hoarding its gold and jewels in a mountain cavern, and shielding it from anyone who may get interested. Primarily, however, we view Valkyrie as the cause of all this mess, whether it was directly or not, and see them as an obstacle that, one day, we will cleanse from this dimension for good."

Part V: Territories
"Our territory spans across Oster and Norr Asgard. We have not had much luck pushing any further toward the rest of Asgard, and have lost foothold in Vaster Asgard, as, thus far, Valkyrie and the Linaesin have been quite successful in blocking our attempts."

Part VI: Leadership & Rankings
"The original two Asgard Powers run on a code of power. New members to the fold are given very low rankings, which they are expected to raise over time; to do so, one must defeat those individuals that are higher in rank than oneself. Anyone can climb the ladder, even jump dozens of ranks at once, if they are strong enough to overpower an adversary that much higher than they are. This is the way of the eagle; be on guard, and remember that he who watches his back may yet meet death from the front."

Firebrand Flight / The Firebrand Flight
« on: Oct 23, 2016, 04:22PM »
Part I: Welcome
"Through fortune, our Flight has survived the tragedies of Yanan. We now have settled, albeit loosely, amongst those in Rukongai, occupying a large mountain range on the south end. We do mingle with the humans, but it is somewhat rarely. Trading has occurred, already, however, so we may do well here."

Part II: Rules & Expectations
"All in the Firebrand Flight are your family. Treat them as such."

Part III: Meet the Wingleaders
"I am Silan Duskrain, rather infamous for having supposedly 'tamed' a Kasvetli. My mate Enir is not Dragon at all, she is Kasvetlin. We have had many children together, a few that were lost during the destruction of Yanan, but we continue on, as we hope to see the Firebrands live to see Yanan again. I am a somewhat traditional dragon, but also rather open-minded and not bound by traditional mindset. If we must change to survive, then change we will."

Part IV: History & Origins
"The Firebrand Flight was established many many years ago, supposedly by a young dragon and his mate. The two had no home Flight, and the nearest was many miles away, so they formed their own, of themselves, and from stray Flightless friends that roamed Ephimeloh. For centuries after, the Firebrands have considered Ephimeloh home, but during the seasonal changes, would migrate from Ephimeloh, to Zallahta, and Nebyrzias, and then back. So has been our pattern for many generations.

My father before me led the Firebrands, and when he passed, the leadership mantle went to his Co-Wingleaders and those that had fought alongside him. When I was the most senior, the mantle of Wingleader fell to me, and someday, I suspect my children may one day inherit my place, too."

Part V: Positions & Responsibilities
"Whatever you are skilled at, this is what you are expected to do, to ensure the Flight's survival. Each member of the Flight handles certain aspects of daily life, and in this way, we delegate tasks to those that are talented at, and enjoy these tasks, and everything gets done, no one is overworked, and all needs are met."

Help Desk / Vacant Positions
« on: Oct 23, 2016, 03:02PM »
While you can find the current rankings on the rankings list, here's a master-list of, specifically, what leadership positions are available and where. If you are interested in one of these positions, contact the given individual listed as that group's contact. Sometimes this will be a staff member. ** You should, where possible, either PM the OOC account, mention you sent the PM in the tagbox and what account it was sent to, or both.


• First Lieutenant
Contact Metella (Krystal)
• Fifth Lieutenant
Contact Suyis (Pham Thanh)
• Ninth Lieutenant
Contact Cynemaer (Dragonborn)
• Thirteenth Lieutenant
Contact Killian (Lenara)


• Azure Dragons Lieutenant
Contact Marcus (Pham Thanh)
• Crimson Snakes Co-Commander
• Crimson Snakes Lieutenant
Contact Andrei (Ian)
• Ebony Lions Co-Commander
• Ebony Lions Lieutenant
Contact Sandalio (Lenara)
• Jade Tigers Co-Commander
• Jade Tigers Lieutenant
Contact Jushiro (Lenara)


• Linaesin Co-Commander
Contact Morohtar (Ian)
• Nightmare Crusade Co-Commander
Contact Kentari (Krystal)
• Sthyrventlin Co-Commander
Contact Yanxi (Dragonborn)


• Annyocharis Co-Wingleader
Contact Mnemen (Pham Thanh)
• Firebrand Co-Wingleader (2)
Contact Silan (Pham Thanh)
• Ironscale Co-Wingleader (2)
Contact Calan (Ian)

Player Lounge / Post Reattribution
« on: Oct 20, 2016, 05:30PM »
If you can find me all of the varying usernames that are in the system for a specific character, I can reattribute their posts to their account and give them their post count back. Just post here all the usernames they've had before and what you want the posts attributed to.

Faction Boards / Handbook Code
« on: Oct 17, 2016, 06:46PM »
If you want to use the same set up as my divisions' welcome thread, here you go.

Code: [Select]
[span style="font: 24px Oswald; text-transform: uppercase; margin-left: 100px; color: #DIVISIONCOLOUR"]Part I: Welcome[/span]
[div style="width: 500px; margin: 0 auto"]
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[span style="font: 28px Oswald; text-transform: uppercase; margin-left: 100px; color: #DIVISIONCOLOUR"]Part V: Mission Guidelines[/span]
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Help Desk / Meet the Staff
« on: Oct 16, 2016, 06:45PM »
Hey everyone! Name's Arceus, but old friends sometimes still call me Aussie/Australia. I'm nearing thirty, been running Bleach boards since around 2005 or so; the first one didn't last long, about a year, and then I booted up Tamashii no Chikai, probably the longest running Bleach board in existence, and Embers is its progeny, so I consider them one and the same, despite a year break in between.

I live in the midwest USA, and own the server this board runs on. I also coded the Skill Suite Embers uses from the ground up, and am working on a new version of it that'll be redone almost entirely from scratch, I really look forward to it because there's a lot of neat stuff coming in it. The Suite was originally designed around Pokemon RPGs, but it can be adapted to almost anything else. I also host other people on this server, so sometimes I'm working on someone else's board or something. All of the original material on this board has been a part of Tamashii no Chikai for years, and we actually did the hell chapter before Kubo did. Some of our archives are missing, which is unfortunate, but I had very unreliable hosting back then. Currently, I'm writing a novel based around Yanan, so there's that to perhaps look forward to?

I'm the main admin, so anything you could possibly need, I can handle, if you'd like to prod me. Otherwise I have a pretty solid staff team behind me, they're cool guys. I may occasionally be a little depressed here and there, I just lost my cat, on October 10, to liver disease, that I got as a kitten when I was four, she was 23 years old, and it'll take me a while to heal from that. But, I'm still around if anyone needs me. ♥

Shipper Container / Livian, Licinia
« on: Oct 15, 2016, 04:37PM »
Cold and aristocratic and distant as the sky she's named after, nobility is woven into Licinia's very being. Regardless of whether or not she's been a noble for quite some time now, you can still find evidence of her high-born upbringing in her demeanour and handling of social situations. Many find themselves wary and light on their feet around her, carefully choosing words either out of fear or respect. Or both. Both is not unheard of.

Licinia never meant to gather the reputation she did, and stumbled into it quite by accident. Not to say she'd admit this. She'd always been ambitious, probably more than she should have been considering the status of women in the era she was born in, but fortunately for her, her father never tried to curb it, choosing instead to temper her with kindness and compassion, especially to those below her. He was definitely an odd one, and it was his influence that gave her many of her more radical ideas.

She's always been one to think and calculate before running headlong into things. She considers all her variables and potential pathways, her mind laying out potential outcomes and the results of those outcomes in her mind like an intricate tapestry. It was all too easy to mistake her caution and calculation for coldness, to assume her quiet and polite demeanour was more out of aristocratic arrogance and not wariness. While initially confusing and disquieting to have her intentions misconstrued, she is nothing if not an opportunist, and it didn't take long for her to embrace this. She still has not let it go, finding the misunderstanding useful even in dealings today. Albeit, some find her kindness more concerning than her distance, but it's just as well.

While, for the most part, Metella has filled most of the role that Licinia once played among House Livius, Licinia still hasn't quite been benched. She isn't as good at it as she used to be, but there's still quite a bit of information to be had in asking Licinia questions, and she pays special attention to the rumour mill and even whispers among Rukongai's citizens. She doesn't shy away from hearing almost everything, the good and the bad, because there is always some grain of truth to be found in every little whisper.

While the Livius matriarch isn't quite the force she used to be, she's still not someone to cross.

All of her friends likely start as being somehow useful to her. She's not cold or detached, but her interactions with others tend to be relatively aloof; unless she knows you quite well, and views you as a pleasant companion, you're more liable to end up with a polite and courteous personage and that's essentially it. Licinia is not a forceful type; when push comes to shove, she's certainly got enough of that force to go around, but typically her dealings with others are very delicate affairs, with just the right ratio of politeness and perhaps hinting that isn't entirely subtle.

Under all that, however, she can care a good deal about others, and because her friends are likely few in number (getting past that intimidating facade is not very easy for many), they're probably very well-loved. Licinia isn't afraid of making friends and getting attached to people, but rather it tends to be the other way around. Her public demeanour coupled with her station in life tend to make her nearly too terrifying to approach and befriend.

Livias always have enemies, and Licinia is no exception. By default, anyone that is opposed to Metella or one of her sisters, has probably crossed their lioness of a mother's lines, and she can, and probably will, ruin you. Licinia is not a direct threat; she's not likely to slit your throat in a dark alley. But she can ruin your life in other ways, and many find the political games harder to fight than a legitimate physical battle.

Licinia is actually bisexual, and poly, so despite being married, one could probably get close enough to talk her into another relationship. If her husband or her children don't like you, however, it is highly unlikely to happen, and Licinia's rather difficult to pull one over on, too.
Licinia Metella Caelestia Livia2,126 | Shinigami | Roman | SusurriRokubantai

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