Hey everyone, we've decided to overhaul and simplify our site a bit, to be more accessible for new members, so for now, we're temporarily closed. We will return at a later time, just as shiny and pretty as always, and this time, we'll be open to the public. Work began March 4, 2018 (today is May 26, 2018). I'd say give us a week or two, it really shouldn't take too long (PT is notoriously Fast).

Those that are registered members with Embers already, please check the #embers-general channel on Discord, Embers itself has moved and can still be played on. We're also idea-hashing on it in the Player Lounge, so that may be something you'll want to be involved in.
Those on Embers are welcome to join the simplified public version, or not, it's up to you.

Stay tuned!
-- With ♥, The Embers RPG