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Current Projects:
Character Mod v.2.0.1 for SMF 2.0.15/PHP 7.1: 90%
Battle Suite 4.0 RC4: 60%
Clair de Lune Theme: 50%
Imperion Reboot: 40%
October 9, 2018
Hey guys, redid my site! ... I'd been meaning to like a long time ago, I just haven't had time. It's only partially done, right now, lol, but I'll work on getting the rest of it done later. For now, I think just the codes page is down, the rest should work fine. The main page here will now be a tracker, for my current ongoing projects, as well as a little newsfeed so those that are interested can keep up with what I'm doing right now. I'm also setting up a Patreon, so if you're interested in supporting my work on a more consistent basis, consider becoming a patron!

Patrons will gain early sneak-peek access to what I'm doing at any one time, previews of the progression of the Battle and RPG Suites, I need Battle Suite 4 done before I start thinking about the RPG Suite. They'll also gain access to my premium themes, by being allowed to receive one paid theme I make per 6 months, any one of their choice, and I will customise it for their site if they like, so that's a probably $100-150 value for free every so often. Patrons will also be able to vote on colour schemes/features and contribute ideas/make requests for new themes I'm making, and have exclusive access to beta testing for varying mods I make, and be able to request features.

Hope everyone's having a great October, and Happy Samhain!